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2020 James G. Strickland Memorial NYSDEC Environmental

Education Summer Camp Application Requirements

CAMPS: Colby, DeBruce, Rushford & Pack Forest

Applications must be received by Friday January 10, 2020

I.          About the Scholarship:

The Air & Waste Management Association - Niagara Frontier Section (AWMA-NFS) will be sponsoring and selecting qualified candidates who sincerely want to spend a week at a NYSDEC Environmental Education Summer Camp learning about the environment.  AWMA-NFS will provide the $350 cost of the camp.  Parents are required to provide travel to and from the camp of their choice.


II.        Applicants must:

            ·    Meet the eligibility requirements - refer to the NYSDEC website for details at


    ·    Be willing to participate in strenuous activities such as backpacking and canoeing

    ·    Be sincerely interested in an outdoor learning experience.


    III.       Candidate Selection:

    ·    Candidates will be selected based on their interest to attend camp, as expressed through the required essay.

    ·    There will be no limit on how many times a camper may be awarded a scholarship.  However, first-time campers are given priority.


    IV.       Application:

    ·    Write a 1 page (or less) essay about why you want to attend the NYSDEC Environmental Education Summer Camp.  Please print, type, or e-mail your essay.  Indicate if you are affiliated with a member of AWMA-NFS and include your name, address and phone number along with age at time of camp on the essay.


    V.        Registration:

    ·      The NYSDEC application process is completed online.  After AWMA-NFS picks successful candidates, we will inform the NYSDEC who they are and we will pay for them.  It is then up to the parents to register the campers online for the week they want.  Camper registration begins Sunday, January 26, 2020 at 1 PM.


    VI.       Send Application:

    ·    Mail or e-mail contact information and completed essay by Friday, January 10, 2020 to:

    Peter Grasso
    Director – Education, AWMA Niagara Frontier Section
    37 Irving Terrace
    Tonawanda, NY 14223
    E-mail: awmanfs.education@gmail.com  
    Please address any questions to the email address.

    Complete applications must be received by Friday, January 10, 2020

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