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A&WMA-NFS sponsors the Buffalo Future Cities Competition (FCC), and our members assist with judging and mentoring FCC teams. In 2018, A&WMA-NFS provided a donation of $500 to the WNT Furure Cities Competition.  Good luck to all the Buffalo Area FCC students!


2018 Awardee of the AWMA "Pollution Prevention Award" - Presented by A&WMA-NFS to Transit Middle School - Team 22 - "Querencia"

For the second year in a row this year’s Pollution Prevention Award went to Transit Middle School. This year’s theme for the Future City Competition was "The Age Friendly City".

This city had Multiple Renewable Energy Sources – Geothermal, Nuclear, Wind, Water and Solar.

Brackish Water was filtered during the Hydropower production using a Carbon Aerogel – a colloid with its liquid parts emitted and replaced with carbonic gas. This altered it into a solid with a spongy texture (the lightest material on the earth.

The city had Vertical Gardens. Residential buildings were made of recycled materials.

Age Accessible Transportation included: Ultra Pow-ered Skates, Compressed Air Cars, and a Sky Cart – a Solar Powered Pulley System.

The display was very attractive and the students were very knowledgeable.

Judges: Rick Allen, Gary LaLiberty and Hal Pierce



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