2021 Earth Day Grants

We had 3 winning Earth Day Grants this year for a total award of $1,500.  A summary of the 3 projects follows:

Wild Spirit Education, Inc. - Wild Spirit Education intends to help youth find their way back to the outdoors and explore the natural world. With the covid pandemic forcing youth to spend countless hours in front of computers, children have been missing out on the wonders and health benefits of the outdoors. The Escape from Zoom Youth Nature Programming project will provide hands-free approach to nature exploration by encouraging youth to explore a variety of natural areas throughout Western New York by creating scavenger hunts at several parks using the Actionbound smartphone app.

Hamburg Natural History Society, Inc. (Penn Dixie) The Hamburg Natural History Society, Inc., operators of Penn Dixie Fossil Park & Nature Reserve, project is to install two rain barrels at their outdoor classroom at Penn Dixie for use as teaching tools and for water use on site. Installation of rain barrels on site will allow educators to discuss the importance of water conservation with visitors. Furthermore, water collected in the barrels will be used by staff and visitors while on site for washing fossils, cleaning, and watering sensitive plants on site.

Green Springville, Inc. This project is a community family-friendly, socially distanced outdoor Earth Day celebration in Springville to be held on April 24, 2021. Many community groups are coming together to share in Green Springville’s recent successes while learning new information our Village does to be a sustainable example community of the future. This year, Green Springville is partnering with Springville Field & Stream to promote the Trout Pond Restoration Project.

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