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2017 Earth Day Grants

We had 6 winning Earth Day Grants this year for $500.  In addition, a 7th Earth Day Grant was funded ($250) with EnviRun funds.  A summary of the 7 projects follows:

2017 Erie County Envirothon - The Envirothon is being held on March 30th, 2017 and April 27th, 2017 at Village Green Park in Elma, New York.  The program is done in two parts, Workshop Day and Competition Day.  On Workshop day students learn about environmental topics firsthand from local professionals from New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Natural Resources Conservation Service, New York State Fish & Wildlife, Earth Spirit Educational Services, and University at Buffalo’s UB Green Department.  On Competition day high school teams gather once again to compete to achieve the highest scores in the categories of forestry, soils, aquatics, wildlife and a current environmental issue, 2017 Topic: Agricultural Soil & Water Conservation Stewardship.  This provides a very unique, positive program that expands students’ classrooms and enriches our community by advancing youth education and environmental stewardship.

Alkaline Battery Recycling and Education – The Coalition of Positively Charged People will use these funds to continue educating people about battery recycling.  They will purchase 4 battery recycling bins that will be given to elementary and middle schools, as well as organizations who would like to recycle batteries. Where possible, they will make presentations to the students.

One of the ways we demonstrate the possibilities of battery recycling is with a playful contraption they call "the Amazing Battery Chute." It has been widely enjoyed at various environmental education events. With each use, they find ways to make it more educational, easier to use and zanier.  They recently purchased hardware and pieces, and then contracted a carpenter who built a handle and doors.  They plan to add lights that turn on sequentially as the battery shoots down the chute and they have an idea to have a little rainbow of lights light up when a battery goes down the Recycle direction.

Birds in Our Backyards – is sponsored by Wild Spirit Education, Inc The Birds in Our backyards program will incorporate Citizen Science with birding programs to bring about environmental awareness of the importance of birds in our local ecosystem.  The program will bring youth and their families to natural areas in the Western New York region to engage in birding walks and activities. These walks will be interactive in order to engage the attendees as well as to teach them about the birds that we encounter.  Activities during these Naturalist led walks will include birding by ear, habitat recognition, and habitat creation such as the construction of brush piles which act as shelter for the birds.

D’Youville College – They are holding their first Earth Day Fair at the college.  The Fair will take place the Wednesday preceding Earth Day, April 12, 2017, in the DYC College Center from 11am till 3pm. They will use a wing of the school’s cafeteria, which will increase visibility and guarantee a good amount of foot traffic. The school schedules a “Free Activity Time” every Wednesday from 1-2:15, during which no classes are held. This will ensure that any student or faculty willing to attend will have the possibility to do so.

Earth Day Program (Public School #69) – will use the funds to help defray the costs of an intensive, daylong Environmental education program that will be held at Buffalo Public School #69, Houghton Academy. This program is conducted by Earth Spirit Educational Services. The program is scheduled for Friday, June 16th, from 9:00am – 3:00pm.

The Earth Day Program will involve approximately 325 students rotating through six educational stations, staffed by Earth Spirit Instructors. The morning block of the program will involve grades 1-3; the afternoon block will be conducted with students’ grades 4-6. Topics shared with students will include Invasive Species, Wilderness Animals, Ecology Hikes, Reptile and Amphibian Studies, Insect Studies and Birds of Prey.

Erie Community College (South Campus) – They will invite area high school students to participate in organized activities and workshops to be offered at the natural regeneration area on the campus in order to introduce them to ecosystem functions, sustainable practices and environmental awareness. Two faculty members, who are teaching Environmental Science labs and Field Ecology, are in charge of selecting, developing and conducting activities/workshops at the appropriate age level of the visiting classes focusing on:

  • Niche and habitat of species (plants and animals of the area)
  • Species interrelationships in secondary succession
  • Trophic webs
  • Biochemical cycling of elements

An Alkaline Battery Recycling and Education Outreach Initiative (funded through EnviRun funds) - The Air and Waste Management University at Buffalo Student Chapter plans to start a new program, Energizing Change: An Alkaline Battery Recycling and Education Outreach Initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to bring attention to the need for alkaline battery recycling in both our local community and on a national level. The goal for this project is to bring awareness to the University at Buffalo student body about UB’s alkaline battery recycling services, as well as to bring awareness to the community around UB about the lack of battery recycling services by our government and waste collection companies.

This initiative will inform and encourage UB students, faculty, and staff about how easily they can recycle alkaline batteries on campus, as well as the effects on the environment if they do not recycle them.  Outreach to the local community will spread awareness about the lack of alkaline battery recycling services in our communities and country at this time.  When reaching out to the community, we will also give these people an opportunity to recycle their alkaline batteries.  UB's Earth Week activities will be a platform to quickly reach out to the individuals on campus that may not know about UB's alkaline battery recycling services.










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